29 May 2024

Information Opening Alpine Passes

Here you will find the latest information on the opening of the surrounding Alpine passes.


Winter is coming to an end in the mountains of Uri. Before the pass roads in the canton of Uri and the neighbouring cantons can be opened to traffic, the existing snow masses have to be milled away and cleared with large machines. In addition, signalling and railings must be installed and other measures such as rock clearing and maintenance must be carried out to ensure safe traffic use.

Below you will find the latest information on the opening of the surrounding Alpine passes: 

  • Gotthard Pass: Open
  • Furka Pass: Closed, expected partial opening until Tiefenbach 29 May, 6 pm, expected opening mid-June
  • Oberalp Pass: Open
  • Susten Pass: Partial opening, already open as far as Färnigen (Uri side) and Steingletscher (Bern side), expected partial opening as far as Sustenbrüggli 29 May 08.00 hrs. Definitive opening of the entire pass expected mid/end of June
  • Klausen Pass: Open
  • Lukmanier Pass: Open
  • Grimsel Pass: Partially open, on the Bernese side open to Räterichsboden, expected opening 15 June (+/- 1 week)
  • Nufenen Pass: Closed

Further information on the Alpine passes:

All dates mentioned are without guarantee. The opening dates may change depending on the weather conditions in the mountains. It is also possible that a pass may have to be temporarily closed again in the event of heavy snowfall. We recommend that you check the road conditions before travelling over any pass.