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Essen und Trinken

With its Alpine air, breathtaking views and stunning geography, 
Andermatt is a magnet for outdoor lovers. But linger for an hour or two in one of our welcoming 
inns and restaurants, or 'Beizli' as they're called in the local dialect, and you can enjoy 
some of our regional delicacies, such as air-cured meat and alpine cheeses. 

From 5-stars gourmet temples and cosy village restaurants to mountain huts high up on the slopes, Andermatt's cuisine is traditional and yet vibrantly modern. 

Regionale Spezialitäten

restaurants and mountain huts

Enjoy a wide variety of gastronomy: from 5-star gourmet temples to rustic village restaurants and 
high-altitude mountain huts. Traditional strength and vibrant modernity.


seasonally open

The following mountain restaurants have seasonal opening hours.