2'224 m ü m. / Wassen - Innertkirchen

Susten pass


The Susten Pass connects the Reuss valley in canton Uri with the Hasli valley in the Bernese Oberland. The structurally spectacular Susten Pass was opened only in 1945 and was the first pass road to be designed specifically for motorised traffic.

After travelling through the largely untouched and picturesque Meiental, you reach the top of the pass and go through the summit tunnel. On the Bernese side of the tunnel, there is an opportunity to stop for a rest at a large parking area and the Susten Hospiz guesthouse, situated a few metres above the pass road. During the journey through the valley, you are met with stunning views over the Stein Glacier and the Gadmen valley. You are immersed in a captivating landscape, ranging from lush meadows to dense, deep-green forests. After the occasional tight corner, the road leads down to the village of Gadmen and its picturesque old houses.

A number of interesting hikes await you along the route. A visit to the Trift Bridge, one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges in the Alps, is one possibility. At 100 metres high and 170 metres long, it seems to float above the area dominated by the Trift Glacier. Even the journey there, by gondola through the gorge, is an adventure. Climbers and boulderers will find what they’re looking for on the Susten Pass, too. A host of different routes and boulders make for a varied athletic challenge.

Susten Pass on the Bernese side
Susten Pass on the Bernese side
Susten Pass on the Bernese side
Susten Pass on the Uri side
Susten Pass


Stein Glacier

The short journey along the Steinalp glacier trail whisks you from the busy pass roads and into a high-Alpine world; in less than two hours, you discover a huge amount of interesting information at the 15 stops along the way, and learn all about the interior and exterior life of the five kilometre river of ice.

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