2'478 m ü m. / Airolo - Ulrichen

Nufenen pass


The pass road through the tranquil Bedretto valley in Upper Valais was brought into service only in 1969. The well-developed Nufenen pass is the second highest in Switzerland after the Umbrail pass. Once you reach the top, you can admire an unforgettable panoramic view over the snow-capped mountains.

And it’s not just hikers and mountain bikers who prize the varied natural landscape of the Bedretto valley – the Alpine ibexes feel very much at home here too. Keep your eyes open and you might even catch a glimpse of one from the road.

Nufenen Pass - Val Bedretto
Nufenen Pass
Nufenen Pass - Val Bedretto


Hike to the source of Ticino

The fourth stage of the Four Springs Trail leads to the Ticino Spring below the Nufenen Pass. From the Alpe di Cruina you walk for about 30 minutes to the Ticino spring. With a bit of luck, it is even possible to observe wild marmots or hear their whistling.

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