1'914 m ü m. / Disentis - Biasca

Lukmanier pass


The Lukmanier Pass was in brisk use back in Roman times. It leads from the monastery town of Disentis in Graubünden through Olivone to Biasca in canton Ticino. You will be greeted with the smell of fresh resin as you pass through stone pine forests along your way, and once you reach the top of the pass, you can try your luck at fishing in the deep-blue waters of the reservoir. The Lukmanier is the only one of the eight passes described here to be open in winter.

Lukmanier Pass with the road bike
Top of Lukmanier Pass
Lukmanier Pass on the Graubünden side


The Benedictine monastery Disentis

The foundation of Disentis monastery goes back 1,400 years, making it the oldest Benedictine monastery north of the Alps. Its rich cultural heritage means a visit is a must: be sure to see the baroque monastery, the museum with its historic art treasures, and stop for a break at the Stiva Sogn Placi bistro.

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