Best Tourism VillageS 2022

Andermatt & Murten

among the best 32 in the world

What an award! Andermatt and Murten were able to convince the World Tourism Organization with their focus on sustainable development and local added value through tourism and were therefore chosen as one of the «Best Tourism Villages» in November 2022. This means that Andermatt and Murten are now among the 32 best tourism villages in the world.

As a result of the award, the two tourism destinations kicked off a joint advertising campaign. Discover Andermatt and Murten - Two villages with different identities and characteristics, but united by the same values: The preservation of cultural and natural heritage, sustainable tourism and close collaboration with local stakeholders are three criteria in particular that unite the two villages.


Best Tourism VillageS by UNWTO

The «Best Tourism Villages» competition was launched for the first time in 2021 by the Madrid-based World Tourism Organization.

The initiative promotes and strengthens the role of tourism in protecting rural regions with their landscapes, natural and cultural diversity, as well as local values and activities.