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Guests learn a lot about the Andermatt Holiday Region on our recently released audio tours. 
With the free app "Actionbound", you carry your audio guide conveniently in your pocket. 
Suitable for groups, families and individuals who want to explore the Schöllenen Gorge 
on their own and learn about exciting background stories.

mystical schöllenen

Audio tour of things worth hearing around the Schöllenen Gorge

The journey through time begins at the parking lot of the Schöllenen Gorge. At nine stations, those interested learn about well-known and previously hidden sights such as the Suworow Monument, the Devil's Bridge and other topics, which are based on extracts from the varied history of the Ursern Valley.

Stories and legends

The stations along the Schöllenen circular trail invite you to pause, listen and marvel. What is the story behind the 12-meter-high memorial cross? How was it possible to overcome the thundering Schöllenen Gorge back then, and why did the devil have a hand in it? These and other questions are answered on the audio tour "Mystical Schöllenen". What the eyes perceive is accompanied and supplemented by the playback of audio sequences on the smartphone. The circular route takes around 30 minutes to complete. The stations are marked and easy to find.