Tip Mountain Bike

Maighels Pass

Difficulty Hard
Length 33 km Duration 04:30 h
Ascent 1271 m Descent 1271 m
Highest point 2422 m Lowest point 1436 m
Die Mountainbike-Tour vom Oberalppass durch die idyllische Maighels-Hochebene hinunter nach Andermatt zählt seit geraumer Zeit zu den Tourenklassikern.
Properties Refreshment points, Technical trail, Scenic, Loop tour
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The starting point for this bike route over the Maighels Pass is at Andermatt. From there the trail leads along the pass road to Oberalp.
To take the standard route, you leave the tarred road at the top of the pass and cycle over Tiarms Pass via Val Val down to Tschamutt. From there, you take the pass road to Surpalits and on to Milez, where you come to a dirt road. From here the trail slopes moderately upwards to the Val Maighels, where to the left on the hillside you will see the Maighels Hut in its dominant position. Tip: If you wish, you can take a shorter route there by avoiding Tiarms Pass and Tschamutt, and rather cycle from the Oberalp Pass directly to Surpalits - a 2-kilometre downhill run on the pass road.

As you go through the Val Maighels the dirt road gradually changes into a hiking trail; during the latter part of the snowmelt period, you may come across individual snowfields. From the Maighels Pass the view opens up to such mountains as the Gemsstock, Pizzo Centrale and the Giübin. If you are working up a sweat and are not afraid of the cold water, you can also take a dip in the lake.

From the Maighels Pass there is a steep, challenging descent into the Unteralp Valley. On the way you will see the Vermigel Hut, to which the trail rises again. Otherwise, you can go directly to Andermatt - by staying on a dirt road that follows the Unteralpreuss.

All in all, this is a truly impressive Alpine bike tour which leads through stunning mountain scenery and which poses some challenges to your riding ability.

You need to expect to have to push or carry your bike at times, especially in the Maighels Pass area: this can be between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on your riding skills.

Because of its more difficult passages, this route should only be used in dry conditions.

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Andermatt - Oberalppass - Pass Tiarms - Tschamut - Val Maighels - Maighelspass - Vermigel - Andermatt
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  • Steinmanndli Kolonie im Val Maighels
  • Portgerensee, schöner Picknickplatz
Starting point Andermatt, railaway station
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