13 June 2024

Explore on foot

Information on early summer walks, hikes and climbing adventures in the Andermatt Holiday Region. 


There is still snow in places above 2,000 metres above sea level. We ask you not to walk on snow bridges that cross streams or paths, for example, as these are often very thin and can collapse. On some paths, not all signposts have been put up yet.

The following walks and hikes are already well accessible: 

Accessible via ferrata

  • Diavolo, Schöllenen
  • Adlerhorst, Arni

Further information on the hikes, mountain railways and snow conditions for optimum preparation.

We wish you lots of fun and early summer enjoyment while walking, hiking and climbing.

If you have any questions or concerns, we will be happy to help: info@andermatt.swiss or +41 41 888 71 00.